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NANO SOMA is a protean agonist for all 49 nuclear receptors

NANO SOMA is a protean agonist for all 49 nuclear receptors in the cells

NANO SOMA substitutes for Vitamin D in activating the Vitamin D receptor or VDR. Technically speaking, this means NANO SOMA acts as an agonist for the VDR. However, if the VDR is overactive, such as may occur in an autoimmune disease or some other condition, it acts to turn it off. This is known as an inverse agonist. So, this means NANO SOMA can also act as an inverse agonist. According to Raghu, the NANO SOMA developer, there is no other known inverse agonist in the medical literature. Even more, this same particle works in both directions, which means it is intelligent – it is what is known as a protean agonist. Nothing else does this.

But there’s more… According to Raghu, the VDR is one of 49 nuclear receptors in each cell. They play a key role in development, gene expression and disease. Raghu has explained that NANO SOMA acts as a protean agonist with all 49 nuclear receptors!!! There are only tests available for 27 of these and the action of NANO SOMA has been confirmed for all 27. Details of this are at this link.

Can you begin to grasp why NANO SOMA plays such a powerful role in health and helping the body to deal with such an array of illness and disease?